Hospitality Marketing in San Diego – Meet Ms. Ybarra

Senior Marketing Manager Lana Ybarra Hospitality Marketing San DiegoMeet Lana Ybarra, Marketing Manager of JC Resorts.  Ms. Ybarra has been working for JC Resorts for nine years (five years with JC Golf marketing division and four years with JC Resorts hotel marketing division) .  She grew up in the town of Fallbrook, CA, a little over an hour North East of downtown San Diego.  Ms. Ybarra graduated from California State University-San Marcos.

JC Resorts is a proven leader in the management and operation of premium golf and resort properties located in San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties  as well as New Mexico.  Ms. Ybarra oversees marketing for three hotel properties: Rancho Bernardo Inn, Surf and Sand Resort and Temecula Creek Inn.

Ms. Ybarra enjoys food and wine, spending time with family and friends, visiting new resorts, networking and playing golf.  She likes to discover hidden gems in my her backyard (like restaurants, shops, etc).  Terranea Resort is a new favorite of Ms. Ybarra’s as well as restaurants Veladora, Brooklyn Girl Eatery, Davanti Enoteca, & Prep Kitchen, and wineries like Swanson in Napa and Palumbo in Temecula.  Learn a bit more about Ms. Ybarra and her experience marketing in the Hospitality industry:

What do you enjoy about working in marketing? I enjoy the variety of programs, events & projects that I am a part of, as well as the creative teams and talent I work with!

Can you name one goal (personal or business) for 2013? I’d like to continue to build upon the programs and special offerings that are successful and unique to JC Resort properties, as well as create new experiences and events that attract repeat hotel, spa, and dining customers.

What do you feel are your biggest frustrations when it comes to marketing (for JC Resorts)? At times my biggest challenge is the property changing the direction of a package, special offer or event after it was already approved, sent to creative and PR, then pushed to market.  The goal is to be timely and thoughtful about the communication process (channel, frequency, ongoing conversation and expectation we set for our customers).

What type of activities do you take part in both online and offline to find new leads? We use web and social media contests where we partner with other large/local brands with an equally good following.  Our goal is to maintain and grow engagement for the purpose of capturing new emails/followers to add to our tribe.  Participation in relevant and local events continues to be a great way for capturing offline leads (example: food & wine events, bridal shows, etc).
If you have used social media, how has it worked for you?  Was there a specific network that worked better than another? Please explain. Currently Facebook and Twitter are the primary channels that continue to work well.  Facebook has proven to be most valuable for overall marketing.  Twitter is great for PR purposes.  Also, we have implemented blogs for our weddings clients and partners, where they can share and gain information that builds brand loyalty.  The challenge is for the staff; with social media sites (i.e. Blogs) that require a lot of content and expected frequency.   Our staff has to keep up with demand in order to keep fans coming back for more. Pinterest and Instagram will be more of a focus in 2013 – especially since we have a dedicated role { Social Media, SEO and Reputation Management Specialist?}to oversee and handle our company’s social sites.

Do you have a personal mantra? Everyday be grateful.  Everyday make someone smile.  Everyday make a conscious effort to be positive, encouraging, supportive and compassionate!

Contact Colleen Francioli if your firm would like to be interviewed:


  1. Really cool write-up! She has some great and unique ideas that she brings to the table, and I feel that “forward thinking” venues and businesses appreciate the kind of style Lana has. She takes the approach of thinking where companies/competition is heading vs where they are competing, and I think that mindset is invaluable.

    Great write up!

  2. Thank you for your comments Tim! We enjoyed interviewing her and will have more posts with Lana this year. We would love to hear from you in regard to marketing in the photography industry. Contact us if you would like to be interviewed. colleen{at}gelasocial{dot}com

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