Social Networking – B2B Style!

Why is B2B social media marketing important? B2B is still about building relationships, people to people. The buyer still wants to buy from a trusted friend or colleague, not a logo or a company. Making your business more human, putting a name, face and relationship on the relationship goes a long way. For example, ABC Commercial Cleaning isn’t a company. It’s Scott, the marketing director. You can trust him, not some random cleaning company. That brings B2B social networking down to a level where everyone can relate.

“Why should I be active, and invest my time on any social networking site?” If the following are important to your company, then social media will open more doors for you in 2012:

  • Being found by others who are in need of your services
  • Establishing and sharing your expertise
  • Expanding your contact base beyond that of your traditional circles
  • Gaining more business and referrals from existing customers
  • Building stronger client relationships
  • Tracking key contact movements
  • Identifying decision makers and “influencers”
  • “Humanizing” your identity
  • Uncovering new markets and opportunities
  • Increasing your revenues

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